Free wheels and Linear guides

Linear guides

are a valid solution when there is a need to move an object or to increase productivity in a working process by mechanising it automatically. C.T.S. offers various products: simple linear guides that can be motorised with one or two axes, modular free-standing sections, with belt, rack, chain, or worm gear drive, and a vast range of trolleys and accessories that are either standard or made to drawings. A vast range of products to meet any need expertly and precisely.

The linear guides supplied by CTS have developed and evolved over the years and are able to cover a wide range of uses. We can move anything from a few grams to hundreds of kilograms, adjusting the structures and mechanical parts in each case in the finest detail.

The linear roller guides work dry, they do not need to be periodically lubricated, they are therefore particularly suitable in dusty environments, in areas where constant maintenance is difficult, and above all where it is important not to pollute the final product such as for example in the textile field , paper processing and food.

The AISI420 stainless steel version is also available.

The working temperature depends on the type of lubricant used and the polymer cage mounted inside the wheels and the range is -20°C +80°C.

The length of the linear guide can range from 100 mm up to 6 m in a single piece, for longer lengths special joints can be made.

Free wheels

they are precision unidirectional couplings composed of two rings, a conductive one that drives and a conduit that is driven. The motion is transmitted in only one direction and when the two rings engage, the torque is transmitted, while when the rotation of one goes in the opposite direction, the release occurs and free rotation occurs. They are constructed entirely of steel and can be with rollers or asymmetric contact bodies. They exist in versions to be centered or already self-centering equipped with ball bearings or bushes. Customers can use them for the following applications:

CTS is able to satisfy the most particular needs by building special freewheels to drawings or modifying standard products. 
CTS technicians are also available to verify the correct use of freewheels in your projects and to resolve your problems.

Who we are

La società C.T.S., nasce nel Gennaio 1977, ed inizia la propria attività con l'obiettivo di commercializzare cuscinetti e trasmissioni speciali.

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