Examples of fields in which linear guides are used

  • Machines for the textile industry
  • Packaging machinery
    • Bottling machines
    • Boxing machines
    • Palletting machines
    • Pallet unpacking machines
  • Machines for the food industry
  • Machines for working wood, plastic, or marble
    • Cutting machines
    • Edging machines
    • Drilling and milling machines
  • Machines for plasma, laser, and water-jet cutting
  • Sandblasting and painting plants
  • High pressure washing
  • Automated welding plants
  • Galvanic plants
  • Making equipment for special effects in television advertising

Specific applications

Some of the applications used are described, which shows that linear guides can be used in all possible fields.

  • Construction of a 48 m long guide for moving a sewing machine for sails and tensioned tarpaulins.
  • Supplying a 12 m long guide that was then used in the “Scherzi a Parte” program for moving a container of water through the air to wet the guests.
  • Constructing guides with chains for lifting disabled persons.
  • Lifting and lowering an ejection seat for carrying out tests in the aeronautical field.
  • Electrical opening and closing of windows in yachts
  • Lifting and stowing plasma screens used in television crew vehicles and some homes
  • Daily extension of a kiosk’s fridge counter on public ground.

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