Belt guides

One advantage to using belts for moving linear guides is their silence along with the possibility of achieving high speeds of up to 2-3 m/s.
CTS's belt guides use an AT10 belt of different widths depending on the load to be moved. The steel trefoil inside prevent elongation and elasticity phenomena while working.
The belt guides are supplied with a maximum length of 6-7 m. After this length on the belt guides there is the problem of “sliding” of the belt on the aluminium profile and the difficult to tension the belt

Rack guides

Rack guides are used when long work tracks have to be made. The rack guides are also employed when all the space available must be used, and when the carriage stands still and the guide moves. Standard rack guides have racks with straight teeth, which are readily available on the market should spares be needed.

Screw guides

Screw guides are used when a positioning precision of less than 0,1 mm (worm drive screw) is required, when using very low speeds, and when the unit has to be of compact size. In the screw guides the fitting of the motor directly coupled to the screw facilitates the use of very low torque motors. Screw guides are supplied with both spherical worm screws and with trapezoidal screws, depending on needs.

Chain motorizable guides

Chain motorizable guides are used mainly for lifting or when the ambient temperature is so high that the use of belts is ruled out.
Using chain motorizable guides overcomes the risk of skipping teeth, which can occur when belts are used for vertical movement.

Linear actuators - reciprocators

The linear actuators shown in the figure are commonly referred to as "reciprocators".
In the first case the two carriages move simultaneously because as one rises and other descends (the classical application is that of a counterweight to balance the exertion of the motor). In the second, the two carriages move away from each other and towards one another simultaneously (useful for creating a pick-up system, door opening system, compactor, etc.).

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